SIN 132-­56 ­­­ Health Information Technology Services ­ is coming to Schedule 70!!

Contact Vets GSA if you require an EMOD to add this to your current GSA 70 Schedule or if you are a new vendor interested in pursuing a GSA Schedule.

Schedule 70 Health IT SIN Definition

Includes a wide range of commercially available Health IT products and services required by federal agencies such as, management, operations, maintenance, development and integration, hardware and software solutions, interoperability, mobility, security, data management, big data, analytics, connected health, electronic record sharing and maintenance, electronic medical records, health information exchanges, population analytics, virtual health / tele‐health delivery, personal health information management, cloud‐based services, remote monitoring devices, assistive technologies, sensors, innovative research and emerging technologies that form the basis for Health IT.

NOTE: The Health IT SIN also includes hardware and software products and services available to improve healthcare access, quality control, reduction of health care and IT costs, improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery, increase access to care, enhance individual and population health wellness, reduce Health IT implementation risk, cybersecurity, information assurance, encryption, enable information sharing across clinicians, patients, and health professionals for care delivery, and improve the patient experience and engagement. Additional services include medical logistics, imaging and reporting, development of innovative IT solutions that improve health service and digitize health information, implementation of technologies that enable health care provider collaboration and decision making, delivery of clinical services, medical research, and health life cycle solutions.

Key Benefits of Adding a Health IT SIN

Consolidate health IT services currently offered on IT Schedule 70 into a single point.

Improve ease of customer access through GSA systems such as eBuy and GSA Advantage! For health IT market research & acquisition planning.

Provide value‐add to customers by establishing high level criteria that differentiates between technologies available through the health IT SIN versus other SINs offering non‐health IT services.

Drive visibility into health IT sales for IT Schedule 70 for reporting and better understanding of GSA’s market share for Health IT.

Allow for tracking of Health IT spend data.

Applying for Health IT SIN

Existing GSA Schedule holders will be required to submit a modification to GSA through eMod. Vendors are required to demonstrate capabilities and past performance with strong experience with Health IT leading practices and commercial industry standards.

Information to be provided to GSA:

Relevant Project Experience – Provide a narrative of three (3) relevant Health IT projects where the vendor acted as the prime. Subcontracting project experience will not be accepted.

Pricing Support – Invoices to substantiate proposed prices.

Descriptions – Labor category and/or product descriptions.

NAICS – Applicable NAICS must be listed in

Product Offerings – The Electronic Medial Records products must be ONC Health IT certified.