Mr. Jack Mandaville, Brand Ambassador

Jack has been blessed with some of the most extraordinary professional experiences a person can hope for. Everything he does—whether it’s conceptualizing, scripting, and filming popular marketing videos, constructing heartfelt product copy, creating shareable internet images, producing and acting in film, or planning guerilla advertising campaigns—revolves around the mindset that every word and moment must be easily digestible to the consumer.

Jack’s success is rooted in creating engaging content across multiple social platforms and implementing unconventional strategies in the distribution of said content.

While this has been the center of his work, it has also afforded him opportunities to, among other things, produce and act in an award-winning film, publicly speak on issues like veteran transition, entertain troops overseas, and contribute to numerous satirical and news organizations.

When he’s not working, he’s obsessively getting lost in Wikipedia pages and falling asleep to Netflix originals on his couch.