Identity Protection Services (IPS) SIN 520-20 is coming to the Professional Services Schedule Soon!

With the increased demand for identity protection services and ever changing requirements of need by our customer agencies, GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories is redefining Special Item Number (SIN) 520-20 as its official Identity Protection Services (IPS) SIN on the Professional Services Schedule. The agency will be seeking industry input on the proposed changes through a Request for Information (RFI) in Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) that was posted on Thursday, January 19, 2017. This RFI will allow all interested parties the opportunity to provide comments which are due no later than 5:00 pm (ET) on February 21, 2017.

What is SIN 520-20? SIN 520-20 is currently defined as Comprehensive Protection Solutions providing customized solutions that integrate credit monitoring services, risk assessment and mitigation services, independent risk analysis, and data breach analysis. Redefining the SIN will allow industry to provide current state-of-the-art identity protection services while allowing ordering agencies the ability to meet their individual requirements. It will also mean some modification to existing language of SINs 520-16 and 520-17.

What will SIN 520-20 look like once redefined? This redefined SIN will require industry to have the ability to provide an integrated total solution of services that include identity monitoring, identity theft insurance, safeguarding and restoration services, breach mitigation, and forensic services. Once this SIN is awarded, firms will then have the ability to offer all or part of the services listed. In order to provide any services associated with identity protection, each firm will be required to meet the full scope of SIN 520-20 first.

How will a firm be able to price for individual segments in addition to a total solution? In addition to being required to offer pricing for the total solution, firms will also be encouraged to offer pricing for individual segments of the total solution SIN.

Why is GSA taking steps to create this redefined SIN in lieu of the current IPS Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)? This will allow industry to provide current state-of-the-art identity protection services while allowing ordering agencies the ability to meet their individual requirements.

When will this SIN be available? GSA anticipates that this SIN will be available for use in Spring 2017.

What will happen to the existing IPS BPA? Once adequate sources are established for SIN 520-20, a notification will be published advising closure of the the IPS BPA.

What steps will contractors have to take provide these services under the redefined SIN once it is finalized and made public? If an existing contractor wishes to add services not already on their Schedule contract, this will be done using the standard eMOD process once the revised SINs appear in the PSS solicitation. If an existing contractor currently holds SIN 520-20, they will be required to submit a modification to reprice their services in accordance with the pricing structure for this SIN in addition to submitting a System Security Plan (SSP) as required.

How can I review and comment on this redefined SIN including its attachments and the proposed pricing structure? You can review this SIN along with SIN 520-16 and 520-17 in the Request for Information (RFI) and provide your comments as instructed below.  Any questions related to this post are to be directed to Kathy Jocoy, Project Manager, at

What is the due date for feedback from industry? Responses in Portable Document Format (PDF) compatible format are due no later than​ 5:00 PM EST, February 21, 2017. It is requested responses be limited to the number of words identified for each question and submitted via e-mail to Proprietary information, if any, should be minimized and MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED. Please be advised that all submissions become Government property and will not be returned