Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) SIN Defined for IT 70 Schedule. SIN 132-45 to be released on Sept 1 2016

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August 26, 2016
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Breaking: IT 70 HACs Cyber SINs releasing on Sept 1st: 132-45A: Penetration Testing 132-45B: Incident Response 132-45C: Cyber Hunt 132-45D: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA). There will be an oral vendor interview requirement for each of the sub SINs proposed on. Up to 5 People can attend from Vendor for orals. 40 Mins per SIN. The Orals can be done virtually.


132- 45A Incident Response ● Oral vendor interview – Incident response scenario. Project Experience

132- 45B Penetration Testing ● Oral vendor interview – Attack network scenario. ● Project Experience

132- 45C Cyber Hunt ● Oral vendor interview – Cyber hunt scenario. ● Project Experience

132- 45D Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) ● Oral vendor interview on RVA capabilities and processes. ● Project Experience


Oral Technical Evaluation Procedure

➢ Identify up to five key personnel to attend.

➢ Evaluation consists of SIN-specific scenarios & questions.

➢ Expect to spend no more than 40 minutes per SIN.

➢ Total evaluation session may take up to three (3) hours, depending on the number of SINs.

➢ Offerors may attend virtually.

➢ Recording devices are not allowed.

Project Experience

➢ Submit narrative for 3 projects within the scope of each SIN proposed.

➢ Not to exceed to 4 pages per project. • Detailed description work performed and results • Methodology, tools, and/or processes utilized • Demonstration of compliance with any applicable laws, regs, standards, etc. • Demonstration of required specific experience and/or special qualifications detailed under the proposed SIN.


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