GSA SCHEDULE 738X Shakeup. New Year and New SINs to bring HR related work back into scope.

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November 28, 2016
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GSA Leadership has approved the proposed changes to the SIN 595-21 Schedule 738x HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES. Implementation of the changes will begin in mid January 2017.

New SINs











The implementation of the changes is planned with the following Timeline:

December 2016              The GSA Schedules eLibrary has already been updated.

December 2016               Preliminary briefing to all SIN 595-21 Contract Holders

Mid-January 2017           Vendor selection of appropriate new SINs to add to their existing contract.

February 2017                 Refresh of the Schedule 738x Solicitation

March 2017                        Completion of New SIN additions and processing of Administrative eMODs

April 2017                           Approval and posting of updated Price Lists

2.      PROCESS

All SIN 595-21 contractors will retain SIN 595-21 with its revised description.

All SIN 595-21 contractors should review the Scope Descriptions of each New SIN and determine if   any services and labor categories originally awarded on their current Schedule 738x contract fit in any of the new SINs.  Contractors will notify (Tony Zaza) of the SINs they wish to add as soon as possible. Tony Zaza will be available to discuss the viability of their choices by phone or email. The basis of the vendor review should be they current approved GSA Schedule Price List.  In order to transfer services and labor rates to any New SIN, vendors must ascertain if such elements were within the scope of their original award. GSA will verify the vendor determination. It is anticipated that GSA will add the New SINs via a Unilateral Administrative eMOD.

Additions of new SINs with Services and Labor Rates NOT PREVIOUSLY AWARDED must be requested using the traditional eMOD process AT A LATER DATE AFTER THE INITIAL MIGRATION. The traditional eMOD will require supporting evidence in accordance with the eMOD guidelines for Schedule 738x.

In an effort to make this process as seamless and simple as possible, I will be engaging each vendor in One-on-One discussions to help determine the most appropriate actions. GSA anticipates that some vendors will not add any new SINs and some may add many.


The update of SIN 595-21  restores the original scope of the business line.

The new organization of families of services will help capture market share. We urge our Schedule 738x partners to take full advantage of this opportunity to make their contract more competitive in a Human Resources market that has an estimated annual spend of between $4 Billion and $15 Billion .

Customer-Friendly access. The revisions to the Schedule should make it far easier for Customer Agencies to identify vendors for specific families of services. The new SINs reflect OPMs HRLOB Framework and supports the priorities of Human Resources Category Management government wide.

Wider range of PSC and NAISC classifications reflect wide range of Customer defined requirements within the full scope of the Human Capital Management arena.

Greater visibility for discrete services and areas of experience.

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