GSA Industry Update Regarding Consolidation of all GSA Schedules

The GCO Consulting Group, proudly attended the GSA Industry Day held on 12/12/2018.  Although much information is still unknown, we have gained some knowledge on what to expect through the 3-5 year rollout of this new initiative.

MAS Schedule Consolidation for existing contracts holders

Phase 1:  GSA will be developing the new schedule during fiscal year 2019 – This is when we, as the industry will gain more insight on the requirements, terms & conditions, clauses and policies that will be taking place.

Phase 2:  In January of 2020, GSA will issue Mass Modification notifications.  The mass modifications will allow you to transition your contract.  Your contract number will remain the same.  You will be required to review and accept the updated Terms & Conditions as well as be provided with an opportunity to select the SIN(s) and SIN Groups that you currently have awarded on your existing contract.

Phase 3:  This will be the consolidation phase.  The consolidation phase will be dependent on existing contracts and their current Option Year and status in their current contract.  For those contractors that have multiple schedules, will be the last to transition. 

Questions & Answers

GCO had the opportunity to present some questions and although only two were responded to, the remaining questions have been submitted to GSA and all Q&A regarding the industry day will be posted to the GSA Interact website (  Once ALL Q&A’s are released, we will be posting them to our website as well. 

You can visit our website at:

Q1: How does this effect organizations that are currently in the process of pursuing a specific schedule?

A1: Advised to continue as currently planned.  GSA advises not to wait and once the consolidation takes place, it will be transitioned accordingly as it would for existing vendors.  If you are in the submitted state during transition, you will be specifically contacted regarding what changes took place and how to approach them without losing your place in the cue for evaluation.

Q2: Is there currently any insight on what the project requirements will related to a specific SIN or SIN Group.

GCO is actively involved in learning about all the new changes and programs coming to GSA.  We will inform our clients and prospective clients as we gain more knowledge.