Contract Audit & Assurance

Contract Audit and Assurance Services: Government Contracting has multiple pitfalls that need to be addressed in order to ensure mission success for any client. Each contract may provide a wide array of regulatory, risk and compliance flashpoints that require GCO’s exceptional range of service solutions including the following areas:

  • Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Audit Support
  • Cost Build & Rate Analysis
  • Labor Mapping and Qualified Labor Defense
  • Price Reduction Clause Analysis & Mitigation
  • Price Reduction Clause Case Review
  • Basis of Award Monitoring Services
  • IOA Preperation & Site Visit Support
  • Compliance Mock Audits and Annual Support
  • IFF Sales Tracking Program
  • Contract Modifications (SIN & LCAT additions, revise T&Cs)
  • Mass Mod Flow-Downs
  • Labor Category Mapping Templates

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