Audits & Investigations
When federal contractors face audits and investigations, they come to GCO for help. We guide our clients through the process, while working to resolve unfavorable findings and ensure compliance.
Remediate Disputes
GCO leverages its experience in federal regulations to help clients and their legal counsels navigate government audits and investigations.
When complex federal regulations are rigidly applied in audits and investigations, GCO uses its experience to help all parties reach a more comprehensive understanding of the rules. Through this process we negotiate favorable resolutions to outstanding issues, while creating more comprehensive compliance moving forward.

From start to finish, GCO guides clients through the entire audit process. We respond to data requests, questions and allegations. We let our clients know what to expect and help them manage every aspect of the audit.

Because every contract and client faces unique challenges, GCO offers an array of solutions designed to navigate regulatory risks and compliance flashpoints.
Services & Solutions:
– Forensic Accounting
– Investigations
– Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Audit Support
– Cost Build & Rate Analysis
– Labor Mapping and Qualified Labor Defense
– Price Reduction Clause Analysis & Mitigation
– Price Reduction Clause Case Review
– Basis of Award Monitoring Services
– IOA Preperation & Site Visit Support
– Compliance Mock Audits and Annual Support
– IFF Sales Tracking Program
– Contract Modifications (SIN & LCAT additions, revise T&Cs)
– Mass Mod Flow-Downs
– Labor Category Mapping Templates